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C h r i s Alexander Schütze




Welcome to my site! I am Chris Alexander Schütze and I have a very weak spot for music, especially when combined with moving picture.

For me it all started as a joung boy: My mother had an old untuned russian piano which intrigued me. I took classical piano training and ended up writing some tunes for my own enjoyment. At school I had some friends who were into cinmeatic storytelling. It didn't take long before I saw myself writing my very first soundtrack.

After I finished school I decided to make an apprenticeship as an audio visual media designer at a major corporation here in Germany, where I learned close to anything relevant in media production. After graduating I stayed at the corporation and decided to improve my composition and orchestration skills by taking additional private lessons.
Now I work as a composer for film, TV and games.

Besides my passion for telling storys, I like to read about philosophy and self management where I always can learn something about myself or even life.
Otherwise you will find me enjoying some good boardgames with friends and my sweetheart. Oh and we have two cats. I like cats.



Here you can listen to a few example Tracks that highlight some aspects of the genres I enjoy writing for.

My main tool for creating emotion is the orchestra. By writing strong themes and developing them according to the story I enhance the visuals and create the best possible bond to maximize connection with the audience.

The most important thing for me is to support the storytelling. 

I do this while utilizing the common and unconscious musical knowledge of the audience to pick them up and then take them by the hand to lead to something new.

I see every project as a new chance to discover something new and constantly strive to expand my palette to deliver whatever is best for the given project.


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